These are copies of the presentations given on Monday October 21, 2019


Morning Keynote – due to Boston Dynamic’s IP policies, we are not able to share this presentation with you


9:05 am Start time sessions

Going from Good to Great: Strategies to Foster Student Success with Automation and Robotics

Automata Engineering

Vex and Engineering Design for Launch

Wait – You Aren’t Going to Use Anything I Taught You?

From Planning to Reflection Stetting Students up for Successful Projects

From Good to Great: Explore ways to improve students’ work in App Creators and CSIM

Successful Capstone Projects in High School

Pair Programming – Sharing the Code

Learning about Current Medical Innovations


10:00 am Start time sessions

Isn’t Peer Editing just Checking Grammar? 

Launch Pacing: 15 Sessions….It’s the Sweet Spot

SketchUp SOS

Slow Down to Speed Up: Effective Pacing in the CS Classroom

Pacing: The Balance Between Coverage and Retention

PLTW Teacher Marketing/Social Media Tool Kit


11:00 am Start time sessions

Integrating “Science of Technology” into a Middle School Science Class

Predictive Analysis in the Classroom – It’s Better than Trial and Error

          Predictive Analysis – Supporting excel sheet

A Deep Dive Into APB Launch Learning_WPI_10-21-19

Decision Making: Guiding Student Discussions

Moving Students Past Trial and Error with the Design Process

Smells like Tween Spirit – Engage the unengaged middle schooler in CS

High School CS_Updates_10-21-2019_WPI

Research Briefing – Year One and Two findings


1:00 pm Start time sessions

An Introduction to APB Learning_Engaging Students in Powerful Learning_WPI_10-21-19


2:00 pm Start time sessions

Decision Matrix to the Rescue

Turn Cooperation into Collaboration

Tallo Resources

  Tallo_1-page overview and get started_PLTW


Expansion of PLTW Launch_WPI_21Oct2019

Create Your Own Reality; Integrating Web VR into Computer Science

Moving Students Past Trial and Error with the Design Process

Keeping the Flow

3 Tips for New CSE Teachers

Improve Student Performance using EDP in POE Fuel Cell car – Handout