Refresher Workshops

This summer we had two great days of hands-on learning led by PLTW Master Teachers. We were excited to offer all-day course-specific sessions, allowing teachers to take a deep dive into their curriculum. The Refreshers were a great opportunity for those who trained virtually and were looking for a hands-on experience with course materials and for veteran PLTW teachers looking for a refresher and time to collaborate with colleagues!

Launch Workshops


Vex Modules

Presenter: Master Teacher Christi Davenport

Module focused workshop with round table       discussions for Activities 1-3 and hands-on   opportunities for the Project and Problem.

Modules covered: Forces and Interactions,         Energy Collisions, Energy Conversions, Robotics   and Automation

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Computer Science Modules

Presenter: Master Teacher Christi Davenport

Module focused workshop with round table   discussions for Activities 1-3 and hands-on   opportunities for the Project and Problem.

Modules covered: Animals and Algorithms,   Animated Storytelling, Grids and Games,   Programming Patterns,  Input/Output:   Computer Systems

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Gateway Workshops


Design and Modeling

Presenter: Master Teacher Andy Northard

This workshop will have a hands-on focus on the skimmer acitivity as well as TinkerCAD & troubleshooting TinkerCAD issues

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Computer Science for Innovators and Makers

Presenter: Master Teacher Stephanie Racine

At this workshop you will spend time working with inputs and outputs, making all the wiring connections for 2.1 and 2.2, getting your blue tooth to work 2.3, and looking at how to create wiring plans and how to get your students to make them too!

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Automation and Robotics

Presenter: Master Teacher Jonathan Scrivner

We will focus on the building basics of structural and mechanical design concepts along with the programming particulars with VEX Robotics V5 Systems. For those newer to AR there will be opportunities to work hands on with Spinning Sign, Toll Booth, Swing Bridge, and Dragster. For veteran AR teachers we will focus on Grandma’s Chair and Freight Elevator.

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App Creators

Presenter: Master Teacher Stephanie Racine

This workshop will focus on work in universal algorithms as well as reading /creating flowcharts.

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High School Biomedical Science Workshops


Human Body Systems

Presenters: Master Teachers Danielle Weber & Becky Howell

We will focus on the following Labs:1.2.3 – Bone Detectives,1.3.1 – DNA Detectives, Unit 1 Maniken Build, 2.2.3 – It’s All in the Reflexes, 2.4.1 – Cow Eye Dissection, and 2.4.2 – Visual Perception.

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Principles of Biomedical Science

Presenters: Master Teachers Becky Howell & Danielle Weber

During this workshop we will focus on the following labs/skills: working with Vernier Probeware (1.1.2 Reliable Witnesses,) prepping 1.1.4 Blood Evidence, running a gel (1.1.6 DNA Analysis,) setting up 1.2.2 Time of Death, 1.2.5 Heart Dissections, practice with phlebotomy arms from 2.1.4, and Routine Testing in the Lab.

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High School Computer Science Workshops



Presenter: Master Teacher Katie Cunningham

We will cover facilitation tips ethics policy/guidelines, the “In the Now” Approach: Utilizing Daily Happenings, additional curriculum resource exploration in order to keep content up-to-date, VM and hosted student projects, CTFs, Podcasts, Videos and Demos.

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Computer Science Essentials

Presenter: Master Teacher Susan Jones

The day will be focused on a deep hands-on dive into Lesson 1.2 AppInventor and Lesson 3.2 Python.

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Computer Science Principles

Presenter: Master Teacher Susan Jones

The workshop will be focused on a deep hands-on dive into lesson 3.1 data with Vernier sensors and Lesson 4.1 simulations.

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High School Engineering Workshops


Introduction to Engineering

Presenter: Master Teacher Corey Duzan

  1. Automata Teaching Model-Participants will build it and take it with them to use in their own classrooms.
  2. Cam Study-Participants will gain the experience that they will need to interact with a physical or virtual model, get data, and plot the data into a spreadsheet for a cam profile and motion graph
  3. Create a Cam-Participants will create a custom motion graph, convert the motion graph data into a polar grid, and create a physical or virtual custom cam using Fusion 360, Inventor, or Onshape.
  4. Assembling Automata-Participants will learn how to assemble an Automata using multiple platforms (Inventor, Fusion 360, and Onshape)

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Principles of Engineering

Presenter: Master Teacher Eric Rice

Participants will use the V5 Brain and new V5 sensors in combination with existing Vex Sensors to use VexCode V5 to complete programming tasks associated with Unit 3.1 including 3.1.7 and Marble Sorter 3.3.1. Participants can then continue to work and refine their skills with VexCode V5 using the new V5 Brain and associated sensors or work through another POE activity of choice. The workshop will be equipped with the following hands-on activities: Basic circuit review (1.2.3 and 1.2.4) and completion of Solar Hydrogen Car with Vex motor (1.3.1), Project 1.3.4 Heat Box Lab Renewable Insulation with Graphical Analysis, and materials to build a compound machine 1.1.6.

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