9:00 – 10:50 Sessions

GATEWAY CS: Don't Resist the Resistor: Using Additional Components to Your CSIM Course

In this hands-on workshop, we will go over how to use and code the resistor that comes in your Micro:Bit kit as well as other components and code you can add to this course to challenge your students. You will have plenty of time to practice coding and wiring as well as create challenges for your own students.



Are you new to 3D printing? Did you just get your first printer? Or do you have a printer that has been collecting dust that you’re ready to clean up and use? Learn the step-by-step 3D printing process and some tips and tricks from Blackstone Valley Education Hub’s Technical Director Bob Evans and Director Karen Ares. You’ll leave feeling confident and ready to 3D print materials with your students


GENERAL INTEREST: PBLWorks: Teacher Tools to Help Students Create High Quality Work for a Public Audience

Want some tools to support students to create high quality products that are ready for an outside audience? Gold Standard Project Based Learning is here to help! We’ll look at critique protocols, reflection practices, and audience feedback as tools to improve student products. You will also have collaborative time to explore the PBLWorks Strategy Guides with colleagues and discuss how to integrate these tools to get your students ready for opportunities like Student Industry Connects.

Link to PBLWorks Strategy Guides: https://bit.ly/PBL-SGs 

Planning Form Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cxlvxVSES7cWz_mCgXiJBVfKRI1jmcTWoXc3iG4T14U/copy