1:00 – 2:50 Sessions

LAUNCH: Elevating Your Launch Instruction

So you know all the basics of PLTW Launch, now what? In this session you will deepen your questioning skills, explore resources for building an inclusive environment, and develop your instructional leadership skills.


GATEWAY: Diving in to VEX V5 for Automation & Robotics

This course will be a hands a chance to work with the V5 brain and some of the components with a focus on programming. We will look at VEX code V5 and how to setup both motors and sensors new and old on this new system.


GATEWAY CS: Getting Creative with App Creators!

In this hands-on workshop, we will go over how to combine lessons so that you can add more time to your course so that your students can work on creating their own​ app and present them in a fun engaging way. ​You will have plenty of time to create your own template that your students can follow and make them successful


HS CS: Python Fitness

Come stretch and strengthen your Python programming abilities. Workout routines available for novice to experienced coders. We will practice with Python activities that can supplement the PLTW CSE Python coursework and discuss ways we can continue to challenge ourselves and our students. PLTW CSP & Gateway teachers are welcome to join the fun! (please note this is a 100 minute double block session; teachers should have a working laptop to take full advantage of this workshop)

GW, HS CS, HS ENG: IBM Design Thinking Workshop

Join IBM professionals to learn how to design with the end user in mind. Participants will engage in the process that IBM teams use to generate innovative ideas. Educators will learn new and effective ways to improve students creative problem solving by helping them design with empathy.


Enterprise Design Thinking Field Guide

HS BIOMED: PBS Hands-on Workshop

Work through labs alongside your biomed colleagues in this hands-on workshop. We will focus on Unit 3: Outbreaks and Emergencies. Hands-on activities will include the Saline Switch-Up from 3.2.2: Drug Delivery and The Apprentice Doctor’s Control Bleeding kit from 3.2.3: Control Bleeding. A chance to review options for student collaboration and the APB approach will be seen in our discussion of 3.2.5: Medical Surge.


HS BIOMED: HBS Hands-On Workshop

Work through activities alongside your biomed colleagues in this hands-on workshop. We will focus on the planning, set up, and common student issues for Bone Detectives (1.2.3), Visual Perception (2.4.2), Smoking Can Cost You an Arm and a Leg (4.3.5), as well as a few Vernier-based activities including Measuring Lung Capacity (3.3.2) and Mind Over Muscle (4.4.2).


HS ENGINEERING: Reverse Engineering: Step by Step (including OnShape)

(Teachers should have a laptop with a working Onshape account to take full advantage of this workshop) Learn the process of reverse engineering through a hands on experience. You’ll learn how to take stuff apart, document it, measure it with dial calipers, recreate it in OnShape 3D modeling software, and then make

GEN INTEREST: PBLWorks: Teacher Tools to Help Students Create High Quality Work for a Public Audience

Want some tools to support students to create high quality products that are ready for an outside audience? Gold Standard Project Based Learning is here to help! We’ll look at critique protocols, reflection practices, and audience feedback as tools to improve student products. You will also have collaborative time to explore the PBLWorks Strategy Guides with colleagues and discuss how to integrate these tools to get your students ready for opportunities like Student Industry Connects.

Link to PBLWorks Strategy Guides: https://bit.ly/PBL-SGs 

Planning Form Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cxlvxVSES7cWz_mCgXiJBVfKRI1jmcTWoXc3iG4T14U/copy