1:00 – 1:50 Sessions

GEN INTEREST: Identity, Belonging, and Brain Science: Engaging ALL students

We all bring the many aspects of our identities to our work every day. These identities interact and create a shared culture in our spaces of learning whether or not we are aware of it. In this session we will learn about the brain science behind identity and learning, and how a lack of belonging can inhibit students’ abilities to engage and succeed. We will also explore best practices for creating a classroom culture that creates space for all students in transformative learning experiences.

GEN INTEREST: Conversations with Kids: Walking the Road to Reinvention

We invite you to join Transcend to learn about a new set of resources focused on the importance of listening to students and reflecting on progress your school community has made towards equitable, 21st century learning. This session will show how learning from students can be easy, informative and inspirational as you chart a path forward for what the future of learning can entail….together with young people.

GW, CS, ENG: Getting Started With VEX V5

Come learn about the new VEX V5 system directly from a Vex representative. This session will provide an overview of how you can use these robotics kits in your classroom. It will also go over what you and your students can do before your kits arrive and what resources are available to help you succeed with V5 in your classroom. Note: there is another VEX session right after on the new sensors in the VEX V5 system. Also, please note this session is focused on VEX and is not intended to speak to how VEX is used in the PLTW curriculum.


GW & HS ENG: The Decision Matrix as a Tool for Effective Student Collaboration (Gr 6-12)

When looking for a tool to use in facilitating student collaboration, look no further than the Decision Matrix! This session will address the decision matrix as a power tool to assist students with productive collaboration. Join Mass STEM Hub’s Automation and Robotics Community Lead and Stoneham MS STEM Director Ashley Puopolo to review various applications of the Decision Matrix for PLTW design challenges. We’ll also share our best practices and tips for improving student work using the Decision Matrix as a tool for collaboration.


HS GEN INTEREST: Taking your High School PLTW Program to the Next Level

Join Uxbridge Principal Mike Rubin to learn about ways to grow & elevate your HS PLTW program. From driving student enrollment, to building industry connections, Mike will share his best tips and tricks that he has developed. In the session Mike will also share about his Innovation Pathway designation from the state, his partnership with the CAPS Network, and his teachers participation in the Common Capstone pilot.